Teaching Kevin Coval’s Everything Must Go


Fall is in the air and Kevin Coval has a new book! Fresh on the shelves from Haymarket Books, everything you need to teach Everything Must Go is right here! An illustrated poetry collection about the “life and death of an American neighborhood,” Coval’s poems and Langston Allston’s graphic artwork are guaranteed to engage your students. 

Read a review written by yours truly here.

Click here for a 13-page long HyperDoc that includes:

  • themes to explore
  • engaging writing prompts
  • videos of Coval’s poems, with a analytical chart for students to complete
  • discussion questions for the whole collection
  • questions for individual poems
  • reviews and articles about the collection and the poet
  • a focus on odes with four comparison poems by Clint Smith, Safia Elhillo, José Olivarez, and Pablo Neruda
  • links to podcast interviews 
  • canonical poems to pair, including Gwendolyn Brooks, Carl Sandburg, and Walt Whitman
  • artwork by Langston Allston
  • how to connect with the poet on social media
  • links to more books by Kevin Coval
  • additional resources and supplemental links
  • a list of book recs you’d enjoy if you liked Everything Must Go

Lead your class though the interactive hyperdoc together, or offer it as a resource for students to explore a super cool poetry collection on their own. Either way, it’s FREE for you and your students! 


kev hyperkev hyper2

Click here for the Everything Must Go HyperDoc.

Shout out Kevin Coval for collaborating with me on this project! 

Shout out colleagues Scott Bayer and Joel Garza for their Hyperdoc format. Check out more Hyperdocs they’ve created for #THEBOOKCHAT here.

Do you have something to share with #TeachLivingPoets? If you’d like to be a contributing author, please email me at msmith@lncharter.org. 


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