Mini-lesson for “Tea” by Leila Chatti


This lesson was inspired by Chatti’s poem and the #TeachLivingPoets Twitter chat about the poem, and was created by the chat host, Kristin Runyon.

Click HERE for the full Hyperdoc

If you want to explore a larger unit this poem would work nicely in, please check out our Food Poem unit created for online learning. 

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2 thoughts on “Mini-lesson for “Tea” by Leila Chatti

  1. This lesson, along with “Food Poems” and “At the kitchen table with Joy Harjo,” is awesome. It is straightforward and excellent for a new teacher tackling poetry with her students for the first time. The lessons and exercises that accompany each poem are simple and easy to adapt into your own classroom. The hyperdoc format with pictures and slides is especially great. Thank you so much.


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