Hyperdoc for Rudy Francisco

Today’s post comes from guest author Kelly Lawlor. Kelly is a high school English teacher with 10 years experience teaching grades 7-12. She started her career in Pennsylvania where she graduated from college. Currently, she lives in Massachusetts with her family and 75lb. boxer. Kelly does her best to support, encourage, and challenge students through different hands-on learning opportunities. She sometimes collaborates with other disciplines on a project-based learning goal and sometimes utilizes technology to practice blogging or creating digital portfolios.

Kelly’s hyperdoc takes students through learning about Rudy Francisco as an artist, then though several of his poems. Students will learn the specific inspiration behind some his popular poems, explore the importance of connotation and word play, consider tone and metaphor, and finally write a mentor text poem of their own.

Great for middle school students and high school students!

We are grateful to Kelly for sharing her hyperdoc for Rudy Francisco’s poems. If you struggle with teaching poetry to your middle or high school students, or even if you don’t, this hyperdoc is free and so easy to use! The only work you need to do to use it with your students is to copy it. Everything is done for you!

See our hyperdocs page for more hyperdocs just like this!

Thank you for reading and we hope you will find our hyperdocs useful in these strange teaching times.

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