Interactive hyperdocs are one way to provide relevant and engaging poetry instruction for your students whether you are in the classroom or at home! All hyperdocs are appropriate for both middle school and high school. 

Click on the name of the poet to access their hyperdoc. It will ask you to make a copy, which is then free for you to edit as you wish and share with your students. Teaching poetry has never been easier.  I kindly ask that you please give credit to TeachLivingPoets & the creator as noted if sharing beyond your students. 

Joy Harjo – FULL unit!

Created by Kristin Runyon 1joy

Amanda Gorman Inaugural Poem “The Hill We Climb”

Created by Melissa Smith

Rita Dove – 3 poems perfect for middle school


Created by Ann Cox

R. A. Villanueva


Created by Melissa Smith

Clint Smith


Created by Matt Brisbin

H. Melt


Created by Melissa Smith

Aimee Nezhukumatathil


Created by Melissa Smith

Carlos Andrés Gómez, Denice Frohman, Sarah Kay

girl doc

Created by Matt Brisbin & Melissa Smith

Rudy Francisco


Created by Kelly Lawlor

Maggie Smith & Natalie Scenters-Zapico


Created by Kelly Herrera

Clint Smith


Created by Matt Brisbin

Richard Blanco


Created by Melissa Smith

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha


Created by Brian Hannon

Jon Sands


Created by Melissa Smith & Matt Brisbin

Elizabeth Acevedo


Created by Jennifer Stuckey

Danez Smith & Kevin Coval


Created by Brian Hannon

Ada Limón


Created by Brian Hannon

Clint Smith & Danez Smith


Created Charles Ellenbogen & Melissa Smith

Terrance Hayes


Created by Charles Ellenbogen & Melissa Smith


More hyperdoc lessons:

Mini-lesson for “Tea” by Leila Chatti – created by Kristin Runyon

Joy Harjo – created by Ann Cox

Food Poem Unit for Online Learning – created by Melissa Smith

Distance Learning Podcast Unit – created by Melissa Smith

Short story and longer works Hyperdocs at aplithelp.com

We hope that sharing these interactive hyperdocs and hyperslides will help make the teaching of poetry easier for you. We think all students, elementary, middle school, and high school deserve to read relevant, engaging, and empowering poetry!

Thank you for reading! Do you have a story, lesson, activity, or something else to share with TeachLivingPoets.com? Be a guest author! Email me at msmith@lncharter.org. 

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You can follow me on Twitter at @MelAlterSmith and please tweet all the awesome things you are doing in your class with the #TeachLivingPoets hashtag! 

One thought on “Hyperdocs

  1. Antony, I can see all the images fine– and they load for me without lag. Hoping you get the connection you need– I didn’t know there were all these hyperdocs; I’ve seen some of them via Twitter, but wow! What a treasure trove. Thanks, Melissa (and friends)!


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