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José Olivarez – Citizen Illegal

Fatimah Asghar – “If They Should Come For Us”

Clint Smith – “There Is a Lake Here” 

Maggie Smith – “Rain, New Year’s Eve” 

Elizabeth Acevedo – “Hair” 

Kyle Dargan – “Call and Response” 

Phil Kaye – “My Grandmother’s Ballroom”

Ada Limón – “Instructions for Not Giving Up”

Eve Ewing – “to the notebook kid” 

Jericho Brown – “Duplex” 

Hanif Abdurraqib – “For the Dogs Who Barked at Me on the Sidewalks in Connecticut”

Joy Harjo – “An American Sunrise” 

Lauren K Alleyne – “Variations in Blue”

Rudy Francisco – “The Heart and the Fist”

Ilya Kaminsky – Deaf Republic

Denice Frohman – “Accents”

Rachel M. Harper – “The Myth of Music”

STUDENT SLOW CHAT – Juan Felipe Herrera – “Let Me Tell You What a Poem Brings”


Leila Chatti – “Tea”

Tiana Clark – “My Therapist Wants to Know My Relationship to Work”

Richard Blanco – “Looking for The Gulf Motel” 

Kortney Morrow – “American Girls Dolls Attend Mandatory Diversity Training” 

Donna Vorreyer – “Lessons about Light” 

Student Slow Chat – Amanda Gorman – “The Hill We Climb”

Patricia Smith – “Biting Back”

Darius V. Daughtry – What Can a Poem Do