3 Inspiring Teach Living Poets Projects and Galleries

There is awesome #TeachLivingPoets work happening in schools all over the country! Check out these inspiring projects!

Jessica Salfia’s #TeachLivingPoets hallway library in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Check out more pics here. (pics by Jessica Salfia)


Carrie Mattern’s seniors in Flint, MI made an entire #TeachLivingPoets museum for freshmen to visit and see what they have to look forward to learning! Check out more here. (pics by Carrie Mattern)



Finally, Carrie was inspired by James MacIndoe in Denver, Colorado, who also had his students create a poetry museum in their school. So cool!

These are the COOLEST spaces ever! I wish I had teachers like this in high school. This is so inspiring!

Want to do something like this at your school? Use the #TeachLivingPoets virtual library to have your student explore some of our favorite poets.


This is what you’ll find once you’re in: 

  • 20 amazing poets (we’ll be adding more eventually)
  • Links to author websites and where to buy their books
  • Social media links to follow the artists and/or learn more about them as individuals
  • Links to poem published online that are appropriate for grades 6-12
  • Audio links to the artists reading their works
  • Personalized video messages from poets about teaching living poets

Need more? You can find more poets here.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a story, lesson, activity, or something else to share with TeachLivingPoets.com? Be a guest author! Email me at msmith@lncharter.org. 

You can follow me on Twitter at @MelAlterSmith and please tweet all the awesome things you are doing in your class with the #TeachLivingPoets hashtag! 

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