Teaching Finna by Nate Marshall

This 10-day unit is created by Brian Hannon, Director of Secondary Curriculum for LMSvoice. He currently teaches AP Literature , AP Language , and Team-Taught English 11 in Alexandria, Virginia. Brian was the co-founder of the poetryN.O.W., and through his involvement with this organization, Brian went on to found the two largest youth poetry events in his area, the Hyper Bole and Louder than a Bomb. When poetryN.O.W. was absorbed by Split This Rock, a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. that meets at the intersection of poetry and social justice, Brian served as their Youth and Education Development Fellow. 

What Brian has laid out for us is a fully-developed, ready-to-go teaching unit that is sure to engage and inspire students through exploring Nate Marshall’s poetry.

Learn more about the poet Nate Marshall here.

Buy a copy of Finna here.

Some of the materials in this unit contain sensitive subject matter and/or language. Please review the resources beforehand and make any alterations as needed.

Slide 12 of 30 from the Finna unit
Additional digital handouts are all included & linked for easy access
And can we just talk about how visually stunning these Slides are?!

Click HERE to access the Finna unit.

If you like this unit, there is so much more poetry-teaching goodness (including more lessons for teaching Nate Marshall’s work!) to be discovered on the LMS Voice Curriculum Database. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this resource is. It’s completely free; you just have to sign up.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of summer for more units just like this from Brian Hannon!

Upcoming units:

  • Honeyfish by Lauren K. Alleyne
  • Felon by Reginald Dwayne Betts

Thanks for reading! If you have a lesson, activity, or resource you’d like to share as a guest post, please email me at msmith@lncharter.org. Teaching is so much easier when we all help and support each other. Thank you for all you do!

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